The alumni activities will start after the graduation of the first students. It is planned to cooperate with the “Student Service Center”.


The alumni network will serve the following purposes:

  • Establish a network of former students to systematically take care of and strengthen the contacts between graduates and their former university as well as amongst themselves.
  • Exchange of experiences between graduates and current students.
  • Exchange tips about future careers.
  • Serve as an exchange platform for education and research as well as for practical support of new students by former students.
  • Serve as a tool to improve the implementation possibilities of what students have learned. Graduates will be invited to be active for the benefit of the N.G. Group.

The alumni program of N.G. University will seek cooperation with the alumni associations of other universities to foster the internationality amongst students. This program will be tended to by the Nehemiah Gateway Albania staff. In addition, the N.G. University website together with its facebook fan page will serve as a connection tool for graduates.


Similar to the Nehemiah Gateway High School graduates of past years, a uniquely made ring which bears the N.G. University logo will be designed in order to support cohesion.

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