In place of a student dormitory, the Student Services Center will help direct students to existing local apartments, which are primarily used only during the summer tourist season, but are vacant during the academic year.


The prices for rent may vary depending on size and furniture. A normal flat of 80 sq. meters including furniture would normally cost around 100 Euro per month. Normal usage of water and electricity would amount up to 40-45 Euro per month.

Internet & Telephone

There is free wireless internet for N.G. University Students on the Nehemiah Gateway Campus. If you need your own connection for internet and telephone at home, you have to contact providers, such as Vodavone or AMC.


Students should calculate around 90 Euro per month for food. A budget calculation example would be: 20 days x 1.50 Euro per day = 30 Euro (this is for lunch in cafeteria) + 60 Euro for breakfast, dinner and free days (cafeteria is closed).

Transportation from Nehemiah Gateway Campus to Pogradec city center

Nehemiah Gateway Albania offers free transportation for students during school and working hours. Taxi fees would be about 1 Euro for each direction and minibus service 50 cent. During summer, using a bicycle is also a great option.

Transportation outside of Pogradec

In Albania, there is no city-connecting bus line. However, certified minibus services offer rides between towns and cities. There is no regular schedule and sometimes the minibuses wait until they are full. A one-way ticket from Pogradec to Tirana, for instance, would cost about 4.30 Euro.

Health Insurance

Depending on the kind of health insurance you have you will have to pay for any services you need. A regular visit to a private clinic starts at 10 Euro. For minor issues, the Nehemiah Gateway outpatients service would be a good alternative (open from 8 am to 5 pm).

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