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Welcome to Nehemiah Gateway University in Albania!

    Dear visitor, here you can find general information about the study programmes offered by the Nehemiah Gateway University, the admission and enrollment procedures as well as the steps you need to take from your first application to the final enrollment at our university. 


          The study programs at Nehemiah Gateway University put a strong focus on the close integration of theory with practice. This enables students not only to get acquainted with theoretical concepts, but also to acquire skills and competences through the application of these concepts in a real-life business context. This holds true for both our Bachelor and Master programmes. 

            Academic Studies comprise both classroom presence and self-learning

              During the theoretical phases, professors and experts coming from the university and the business world impart foundational and advanced knowledge to the students, by way of lectures of seminar. The student can use this knowledge afterwards during the practical training phases in a business firm, organization or public authority. 

                Practical Training

                  During these phases, where the student works on a real-life business setting, he or she learn to recognize and understand correlations, analyze problems and the challenges related to them, and propose practical solutions. 


                      The development of competences is the focus of studies at Nehemiah Gateway University. This implies among others student’s personality development, the possibility to study in Albania or abroad at one of our partner universities or the strengthening of professional competences of students. 

                        Our institutional values such as integrity, honesty, respect, forgiveness, compassion and inspiration provide a solid foundation for a thorough learning experience at our University.


                          MORE THAN JUST A DEGREE

                            At Nehemiah Gateway University we offer currently a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and a Master of Science degree in Leadership. 

                              Our dualistic Bachelor of Arts degree in Business, built according to the successful German dual-study model, combines theory and practice at a 50% – to – 50% ratio. Students alternate every 3 months between theoretical and practical training semesters. This relatively short duration of semesters allows for an intensive academic training and supervision at the university and for a quick implementation of the knowledge learned and its assessment in practice. 

                                In the third year, the student has the possibility to choose between a specialization in Tourism Management or Entrepreneurship, or to simply to complete his or her degree in Business without any further specialization.

                                  For more details on our Bachelor program in Business click here!

                                    Our Master of Science degree in Leadership provides prospective students with the possibility to choose between specializations in Education, Business and International Development. The programme covers a wide variety of areas from Strategic Leadership and Management to Human Resources, from Governance and Organizational Development to Change Management and Accounting. A practical internship in the second year of studies rounds up the learning experience and prepares future professionals for the professional challenges ahead. 

                                      For more details on our Master program in Leadership click here!

                                        The quality of our institution and programs is sealed through the triple accreditation in 3 nations: Albania, Germany and the USA. By choosing to study with us, you choose to obtain a degree that is recognized and accredited through local and international accreditation bodies. For more details on our accreditations click here!

                                            STARTING YOUR JOURNEY WITH US

                                              We would like to help you to start our journey with us. Getting through the application, admission and enrollment processes can be sometimes complicated. That’s why our staff at Nehemiah Gateway University is ready to guide through each of these processes. Please contact us for more specific information!


                                                THE APPLICATION PROCESS

                                                  The application process, including admission and enrollment is comprised generally of the following steps:

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                                                        Application: depending on whether you apply for a Bachelor or Master degree, or whether you are a local or international student, you might have to apply through the dedicated application platform of the Albanian Ministry of Education and Sport (U-Albania) or through the online application platform of Nehemiah Gateway University. For more details on the application process see How to apply

                                                          Pre-selection: depending on whether you apply for a Bachelor or Master degree, or whether you are a local or international student, the during this phase, applicants are pre-selected based on their preferences at application and school GPA performance. For more details on the pre-selection process see How to apply

                                                            Admission tests: due to the fact that English is the instruction language at our University, applicants undergo an English language test to prove their language proficiency skills. Together with the English language tests, applicants undergo also a Math test. However, graduates of the Nehemia School as well as applicants who can submit language certificates (e.g. TOEFL, Cambridge, etc.) from authorized language centers are not obliged to take the English language test. For more details on the admission tests see How to apply

                                                              Interview: applicants who successfully pass the admission tests, are invited for an interview with the Admission Commission of N.G. University. During this interview, the Commission and the prospective student have the opportunity to get to know each other better. The prospective student will have the opportunity to discuss with the Commission his or her motivation for the studies at N.G. University. For more details on the interview see How to apply

                                                                Enrollment: this is the final step to realize your wish to study at N.G. University. Is the interview done, and both the Admission Commission and the prospective student are satisfied with each other, then the journey can begin. The applicant is finally admitted and enrolled as a student. A couple more administrative steps, and you will be a proud member of the student body of N.G. University! Welcome!

                                                                  For more details on the enrollment procedures see How to apply

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