How to apply

We greatly appreciate your interest in Nehemiah Gateway University. The admission process at our University is broad – based and it includes a thorough review of every single application to ensure a proper selection of applicants for the challenging study programmes. The following general admission procedure is valid for all applications to the N.G. University, regardless of whether they are for a Bachelor or a Master study program.

International Students
For international applicants, the enrolment in the University, in addition to the requirements mentioned above, is also subject to the recognition of their degree / diplomas (earned abroad) in accordance with the Albanian legislation as well as subject to the obtainment of a valid residence permit allowing the prospective student to study in Albania.Normally the applicant is personally responsible to ensure fulfilment of the requirements above. N.G. University provide applicants, upon request, with help and information regarding the recognition of degrees and Obtainment of a valid residence permit. If you are an international student and are interested in studying at N.G. University, please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have or specific visa information. Our staff will gladly help you with the procedure: info(at)


Guest Students
Persons wishing to enroll not as regular students are considered Guest Students. Applications for attending one or more modules have to be made online by filling out the application form for such purpose. Find further information here »

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