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Please upload documents such as study protocol, ethics committee vote, manuscript, etc. (size per file limited to 10 MB, larger files are not transmitted. Only PDF, WORD, EXCEL). *

Paper applications will not be considered. An application is considered complete and regularly submitted only when apart from the application form, it contains also the required supplementary documents, as listed below:

Checklist attachments

Application documents:

1. Online application form
2. A letter of motivation explaining why the applicant wishes to study at N.G. University and in the specific course
3. The original Albania A-Level graduation diploma and with transcript of grades along with notarized photocopies with the original, confirmed by respective local educational department.
4. A copy of the prospective student’s identity card or passport
5. The Addendum no.1 based on the Order no.13 date 22.07.2016, completed and signed
6. Two personal photos
7. For applicants who have a High School Diploma from an institution outside of Albania, the applicant must request confirmation of degree equivalent from the Ministry of Education and Sport.
8. Curriculum Vitae
9. Two letters of recommendation concerning the personal character and academic potential of the prospective student. The letters need to be written by pedagogic or academic personnel of the school last attended and/or by the last employer.
10. A signed written statement where the applicant agrees to abide by the N.G. University standards concerning academic honesty and personal conduct (for detailed information on these standards see Student Handbook or University Catalog)
11. A statement from a recognized doctor that the applicant is not suffering from infectious (transmittable) diseases at the time of application
12. Proof of payment of the application fee (for Albanian students). For more information your can visit our website.

Applying student to FO of the letter of recommendation:

If sent by email, please add them as scan copy; in this case you would have to send everything by mail either to:
Nehemiah Gateway Albania
Nehemiah Gateway University
Rruga Nehemia
7304, Bucimas, Pogradec
fon: +355 868 20 002
fax: +355 868 20 005

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