Student Service Center

Our students are our most valuable asset. With this in mind, N.G. University has created the Student Service Center to support student life. Before the first day of classes, all students are welcomed to N.G.University with an opening party and a tour of the campus. Newcomers are assisted in finding housing accommodations and are provided with a general orientation to student life at N.G.University.


The Student Services Center provides the following:


Counseling and Advising Services

N.G. University offers a system for students to easily access information, individual advice and counsel. During the first weeks of classes, staff from the university and N.G. Albania hold informational and advisory meetings for varying topics including: general information about N.G. University and N.G. Albania, university course catalog and general regulations, module description, and exam and practical time management and instruction. Additionally,  N.G.University provides each student with an individual email address which gives him or her the possibility to access  the N.G.University intranet in order to find relevant information for different modules and to easily communicate with academic staff and other students. There is also a group address that the academic staff uses in order to communicate course-wide information.  The SSC also coordinates one-on-one meetings with academic advisors to meet the needs of individual students.


Language Courses

N.G. University offers tailored courses based upon the identified communication needs and challenges of the students.  English or German language and intercultural communication courses are several that are typically offered.


Computer Services

Within the campus of N.G. University is a student computer room. The room is located in the library. Currently, there are approximately twenty laptops available. Free internet access is also provided. Students without a personal laptop or computer are able to check one out from the Media Office. Contact the SCC for more information.


Housing  Services

The Student Services Center assists students in finding accomodations in local apartments which are primarily used by the public during the summer tourist season, but are vacant during the academic year.


Food Services

Meal coupons are available for students who wish to eat at the N.G.University cafeteria located on campus.


Student Life

Extracurricular activities are a vital component of a student’s life. They complement a student’s studies and help shape his or her future. N.G.University offers many different clubs and activities, appealing to a wide range of interest and abilitiy.  Some of these opportunities include:

• Sports activities (fitness, soccer, volleyball, etc.)

• Service activities (environmental and social projects)

• Travel

• Social events (parties, cinema, etc.)


The  SSC organizes a number of different sporting activities on the campus’ several athletic fields. There is also a fitness room and sauna. N.G.University seeks to promote a healthful lifestyle and encourages students to take advantage of the athletic opportunities and sporting activities the campus provides.

In addition to N.G.University’s international program, the SSC organizes cultural exchange activities in order to celebrate and take full advantage of the opportunity provided by the diverse background of our international students.  N.G. University and N.G. Albania organize forums, workshops and events of relevant topics for the public, which N.G.University students are encouraged to attend.


We are committed to make your study time at N.G. University and your stay in Pogradec a truly unique and enriching experience!

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