Organizational chart

N.G. University will gradually establish up to 5 academic faculties. The start will be with a Faculty of Humanities (HUM) and a Faculty of Business and Technology (TEB). The Faculties will be led by the Deans, called the Head of Faculty (HoF).


The administrative structure on Human Resources and Operations (HRO) will be directed by the Chancellor, also called the Head of the Department (HoD) of HRO. This department includes the following areas: Personnel Management, Facility Management, Secretarial and Financial Management, Student Assistance Centre, Public Relations, Fundraising and Partnerships including International Relations, services like Library and Information Technology.


Faculties will be involved in parts of administration work e.g. admission and enrolment, registration and graduation as well as examination and testing as one of the most important academic functions. They will cooperate intensively with the department HRO.


A Research Agenda will also be developed, which will coordinate the research work of the N.G. University together with relevant institutes or enterprises, etc.


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