Corporate Identity


The symbol for the entire organization captures the idea of a Gateway, using an abstraction of an actual gateway. The idea was to suggest a gateway, but not to define it too clearly since gateways come in many different forms. Looking beyond the Gateway, and into the environment it defines, the idea here is to suggest a greater source beyond this gateway. That source is not defined, but it is symbolized by the glowing host in the middle. Finally the color scheme is to suggest a drama that is being played out within Nehemiah Gateway, from the mission to the vision this mis an organization that has set out to do the right things for people in need, no matter their race, religion, or abilities. This is one of the ways Nehemiah Gateway tries to follow His teachings and to walk in His footsteps.


Those who pursue education have a common burning desire for knowledge and understanding. It can also be said that great universities also possess that same fire for knowledge and for the teaching of that knowledge to others. What better way to express that desire than with a symbol of flames contained in the letter U?

Explanation of the term “BONITAS ET SOLLERTIA”


The adjective “bonus”, above all, simply means “good”. “Boni” in the speeches and writings of the Roman Cicero were politically reliable citizens with characters who were aware of their responsibility towards the community. Bonitas means integrity and nobleness.


The German word “Bonität” in the financial world means creditworthiness. In other words, it describes the quality of a bank customer whose professional and financial circumstances are sound and viable and to whom money can be entrusted at no great risk.


Sollertia is ascribed on an inscription (where it is spelt with just one “l”) to the ruler Heinrich I. who had a secondary school thoroughly renovated in the Thuringian town of Schleiz in 1735:


“Heinrich the First’s diligence restored this building. May idleness be suppressed and laziness brought down.”


Sollertia therefore stands, above all, for diligence as opposed to idleness and laziness, which are to be attributed to the causes of poverty. In the original meaning of the word, however, it also expresses skill and dexterity, as well as shrewdness. Skill, dexterity and shrewdness in a cultivated form are  characteristic of creative and enterprising personalities. These qualities enable people to overcome obstacles and create new things.

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