N.G. University is a private institution with a local and national commitment to providing the highest quality education to our students, so that they can become successful professionals in their chosen fields and positive influences in their communities.


N.G. University also has a global perspective. N.G. University believes that one of the best ways of integration for the country is through education. The quality education that we offer will help equip people with the tools necessary for initiating and participating in social and economic progress and development.


These goals will be realized through accomplishing the following main objectives:


a. To support students

To support students in their desire for higher education


This is accomplished

  • by quality academics that equip men and women for careers through dynamic programs that combine the strengths and philosophies of both European and American universities – a solid theoretical foundation with an emphasis on practical applications and implementation. Upon graduation the student will possess the necessary academic and practical skills to immediately launch into a new career.
  • by preparing students for a broad range of environments and situations from both national and international perspectives. As a result, students are challenged to grow in the needed skills of entrepreneurship, innovation and creative thinking.

b. To enable students

b. To enable students to become responsible, self-thinking, initiative, and
cooperative leaders and experts


This is practically implemented

  • by fostering an academically honest environment free of corruption and bribery.Teachers, staff and students act with integrity, communicate respectfully, and accept responsibility for their words and actions. In addition, a variety of student support systems are offered such as student counseling, housing assistance and academic advice.
  • by strongly emphasizing oral and written language skills in all of our courses. Students become proficient in Albanian, English and German. All courses require the student to implement basic writing and speaking skills through the use of essays and presentations. In addition, through group discussions and presentations, students develop social and professional interaction skills that are needed for a successful career.
  • by esteeming lasting values. These eternal values are imparted to the students by the lifestyle of the teaching and support staff. In turn, our students recognize that such values are an essential component for the spiritual formation of every individual, the basis for academic success, and necessary for the healthy development and stability of the Albanian society, which continues to be in transition.

c. To facilitate the educational process

c. To facilitate the educational process through dynamic and quality programs.


Our academic programs are characterized

  • by effective teaching methods that integrate superior student-centered teaching into all of our academic programs. This is accomplished through small classroom sizes, the continual development of excellence in the classroom by the teaching staff, the use of state-of-the-art technology in the classroom, the vigorous engagement of students in the classroom and other learning environments (e.g. Blended and Distant Learning environments), and the accessibility of faculty to students.
  • by service. We, at N.G. University, are committed to forming partnerships that address regional and national issues and needs. We also encourage the members of our teaching and support staff to be involved in the community.

d. To cooperate in research projects

d. To cooperate in research projects with other institutions


Our teaching staff is committed to scholarship and research. Excellence in teaching at the university level depends upon active scholarship and research by the teaching staff. N.G. University expects each member of its teaching staff to be professionally active. This may include scholastic activities such as involvement in professional organizations, and the collaboration of faculty and staff with students, business, government, other academic institutions, and community organizations. It also may involve basic and applied research, or a form of artistic expression. Such scholarship and research activities create the basis for our dynamic academic curricula.

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