Philosophy of Education

The exciting story of N.G. University and its unique Educational Philosophy springs forth from the spirit of the Jewish Prophet NEHEMIA. In a dark moment of history God commissioned this man to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Hearing reports of how the inhabitants of the city were in great distress he was moved in his soul to take action. He left his position as the cupbearer of the Persian king and traveled to Jerusalem and saw first-hand the situation. His message to the people was „Come and let us build the walls of Jerusalem.“


The parallels in Albania are many. After being under the yoke of the Ottoman Empire for over 400 years and then under one of the cruelest Communistic regimes, in the early 90‘s, when the country of Albania finally opened her doors, her walls were in ruins. Besides the non-existence of a quality health system and modern infra-structures, the moral climate was desperate. The years of official atheism had taken its toll. We and others said, „Let us help to rebuild the walls of Albania“.


The educational philosophy of N.G. University is best described as a rebuilding philosophy. It is no secret that the breaches in the Albanian society were wide and serious. In addition, a huge gap exists in the wall of the Albanian educational system as it suffers from corruption and a lack of teachers whose teaching methods meet the needs of a modern society.


To help rebuild this broken wall, N.G. University was founded. It is an international team consisting of dedicated European, American and Albanian professionals whose Philosophy of Education is very unique.


First of all, our educational philosophy helps individuals rebuild their personal lives. We believe that a solid education based on values is an essential component for the spiritual formation of every individual, the basis for academic success, and necessary for the healthy development and stability of a society.


Secondly, our educational philosophy helps to rebuild the higher educational system through quality academics that are free of bribery. Our goal is to equip men and women for careers through dynamic programs that combine the strengths and philosophies of both European and American universities - a solid theoretical foundation with an emphasis on practical applications. We attempt to meet the true needs of the economy by offering unique programs - Technology and Computer Science, and Educational Management and Evaluation, just to name a few.


Another key element of our educational philosophy is that we emphasize student-centered teaching methods. This is achieved by small classroom sizes, the continual development of excellence in the classroom by the teaching staff, the use of state-of-the-art technology, the vigorous engagement of students in the classroom and other learning environments, and the accessibility of faculty to students. Students are continually challenged to grow in the needed skills of entrepreneurship, innovation and creative thinking.

Finally, our educational philosophy helps Albania build partnerships with the European and Global Communities. This is an enormous challenge, but one that is achievable by our international teaching staff, international composition of our student population, and by our teaching philosophy which exposes our students to a broad range of international experiences, even requiring them to be fluent in English and be able to communicate in Albanian and German.


The people in Nehemiah‘s day responded to the challenge by saying, „Let us rise up and build.“ In a similar manner, N.G. University is helping to rebuild the personal lives of individuals and the Albanian educational system.

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