Supervisory Board

Arnold Geiger



Born in 1960 in Bayreuth, Germany


Arnold Geiger and his wife Esther have five children. Having finished his studies in public administration he occupied different functions within the federal police for nine years.


Following several relief-goods transports and humanitarian missions to various countries including Sudan, Eritrea, Malawi, Ethiopia, Russia, Rumania, Turkey and Iran, he and his family decided to move to Pogradec, in Albania after the opening of the borders in 1991 to actively and sustainably invest in the long-term development of that society.


A multitude of projects and services of all kinds came into being: emergency aid, spiritual support through churches, medical and social aid as well as educational institutions ranging from kindergarten to university.


Arnold Geiger is the founding member of various national and international organizations. He was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for his multifaceted commitment (Bundesverdienstkreuz) in 2008. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Nehemiah Gateway in Albania he received the "Mother Teresa" award, honoring his outstanding achievements for the country of Albania.


Helmut Hauser



Born in 1950 in Egenhausen / Northern Black Forest, Germany.


On completion of his studies in architecture at the University of Stuttgart, Helmut Hauser started his career in 1976 for Heuser+Dorner+Partner in Nagold. As an architect and junior partner, he dealt with various larger projects, predominantly in the field of social services. In 1984, he founded his own architecture office hauserpartner in Egenhausen. A further office was opened in Berlin in 2004. His staff of 22 coworkers implement architecture and engineering projects from planning to construction monitoring in the areas of urban planning, clinics and hospitals, church-related constructions, educational institutions, industry and business constructions as well as residential buildings of different sizes. Apart from their core competence of cost and time management, the company specializes in the development and implementation of woodwork constructions.


Helmut Hauser occupies several voluntary positions: member of the municipal council, member of the county council Calw, Supervisory Board member of the Klinikverbund Südwest, Advisory Board member of „de’ignis-Fachklinik“, Board member of the architectural association of Calw-Freudenstadt, German-Albanian Economic Society Berlin, and member of the council of the foundation for core values and international understanding in Berlin. In 1966, Helmut Hauser cofounded the Black-Forest-Brass-Band of which he is still an active trombonist.


After his first trip to Albania in 1992, he had numerous encounters with NEHEMIAH GATEWAY in Albania. As he continued to become acquainted with the country and its people he developed a growing appreciation and love for them. The contact deepened, dreams became reality over the years as they were able to construct a variety of buildings, such as schools, a university, a guest house, a church and a sports compound.


Helmut Hauser is married and has one daughter.

Arlinda Merdani, M.A.



Born in 1982 in Elbasan, Albania


Arlinda  Merdani studied German language at the “Aleksander Xhuvani” University in Elbasan, at the University of Vienna, Austria and Leipzig, Germany. In September 2005 she began working as a translator and later as an assistant to the management of Nehemiah Gateway in Albania. During an internship at the German Bundestag and subsequent studies and graduation as „Master of European Studies“ at Leipzig University in 2010, she continued to work on a voluntary basis for Nehemiah Gateway. She contributed to the creation of Nehemiah Gateway’s headquarters in Nuremberg, acquiring experience in donor liaison, office management, as a recording clerk for partners’ meetings and in human resources management.


She was involved in the work of the opening of Nehemiah Gateway University and teaches there as a guest lecturer with focus on methods and scientific research. As Head of Global Operations for Nehemiah Gateway she is responsible for the buildup of N.G.’s international project work and also manages the organization’s office in Berlin. The development and care of the international scholarship program of Nehemiah Gateway University is of special concern to her. From October 2017 she holds additional responsibility as an executive director with Nehemiah Gateway.


Eliverta Götz, M.A.


Born in 1983 in Pogradec, Albania


Eliverta Götz studied Albanian language at the "Aleksander Xhuvani" University in Elbasan. After teaching in the public school system, she joined the staff of Nehemia School in Bucimas, Albania and was later a part of the effort to open Nehemiah Gateway University.


Concurrent to her subsequent work as assistant of Nehemiah Gateway’s Managing Director, she finished her advanced studies in Business and Economics at Nehemiah Gateway University, followed by Master studies in Entrepreneurship at SRH International University in Berlin. Presently, her work at Nehemiah Gateway focuses on project empowerment and finance for global operations.

Prof. Dr. Goran Rafajlovski



Born in Skopje, Macedonia


He graduated from the University of Skopje, received a Master’s degree from the University of Zagreb Croatia in 1991 and a Ph.D. from the University of Skopje in 1996.

He is a Member of DAAD Alumni and IEEE IAS Power Engineering Society. He has been published in scientific journals and at international conferences with over 80 papers.

Currently, he is a professor at the University in Skopje in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies and guest lecturer at the SRH University in Berlin in the field of Renewable Energy and Energy markets. Between 1998 and 2001 Goran Rafajlovski served as CEO of the Electric Power Company of Macedonia, responsible for production, transmission and distribution of energy, making important contributions to the privatization, modernization and liberalization of the company.


From 2001 to 2005 he served as Macedonian Ambassador in Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany.


In 2009 he joined RWE Innogy as Country Manager for Southeast Europe until 2012. Within the department of Hydro Power & New Applications by RWE Innogy he was responsible for Project Acquisition & Development, Project Due Diligence (technical/financial), Project Management and International Coordination. His areas of professional interest include energy economy, renewables, power quality, electric machines and drives and their advanced control techniques.


From 2014 until 2017 Goran Rafajlovski served as Head of Nehemiah Gateway University. 

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