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06/02/2015 | Bucimas
Our vehicles in good hands

For many of our activities in Albania we also need a good pool of vehicles. Cars and buses are put to the test  as the streets in Albania  still leaving a lot  to be desired. This makes regular service and professional repair all the more important.


Up until a few months ago, we didn’t have to worry. Together with a group of friends from his church, Arnold Wehren, from Switzerland, did a wonderful job. Several times a year they traveled to Albania and took care of our car pool –  at their own expense! However, Arnold and Martha Wehren have moved to Columbia, starting work at another project. We can’t thank them enough for their unequalled commitment and everything they did for us! We wish them a great time over there in South America!


Good news: a successor has been found! Agron (Goni) Palla was born in Pogradec, and since his teenage years has been active with Nehemia and partners’ projects. After his marriage to Steffi he moved to Germany and became a car mechanic. Throughout the years we have always stayed in touch, and now Goni agreed to follow in Arnold Wehren’s footsteps.


His first assignment was from 18 - 26 April. He recalls: „ Things went much better than I expected. This was mainly due to excellent communication beforehand with the coworkers on-site - which is anything but the norm in Albania – everything had been prepared very well.  I also had help from Manuel Geiger and Nardi, the local mechanic. We had lots of fun during work, but we still accomplished a lot. „Shpejt, shpejt, tjetra!“ (Quick, quick, the next one!) was our motto – which even made us sacrifice our morning coffee during work:“


We have the peace of mind that we can continue sending our coworkers on their (not fully hazard-free) travels through Albania – as the vehicles are kept in good shape!



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