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04/12/2017 | Berlin, Germany
Roma Days at Nehemiah Gateway!

April 8th was the International Roma-Day, a worldwide day of action. This not only celebrates the culture of this ethnic group that has been settled in Europe for centuries, but also draws attention to their persistent discrimination and oppression. Nehemiah Gateway organized a series of events dedicated to the Roma group and especially to our Amaro Tan project in Pogradec / Albania, which provides many children from Roma families with education and basic medical care. On March 28th and 30th 2017, two theme-events were held in our offices in Nuremberg and Berlin under to the motto "Education, Respect, Inclusion - Building Blocks for the Next Roma Generation". The Director of the Amaro Tan School, Marin Piqoni, the social worker Jonida Cungu, and the pupils Rozalinda and Ervin came all the way from Albania to actively participate in the events. The two 14- and 15-year-old pupils traveled abroad for the first time in their lives. At the events, Arnold Geiger also described his first encounters with the Roma in Albania, and the long-time Amaro-Tan supporters Barbara von Schnurbein and Siegfried Grommek talked about the reasons for their commitment. In addition, experts talked about the history of the Roma in Europe, and we were delighted that H.E. Artur Kuko, the Albanian Ambassador in Berlin gave a speech on the situation of the Roma in Albania. The events were moderated by the journalist Anke Neuzerling, who is also a member of our advisory board.

On  April 7th, a celebration took place at the Amaro Tan Project itself, with dancing, singing, information and a lot of hope for the future.

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