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06/26/2015 | Berlin Deutschland
Get together at Nehemiah Gateway

Getting together and becoming acquainted with each other was the motto on June 12, 2015 in the new premises of Nehemiah Gateway in Berlin, Pariser Platz 6a. The evening was an open forum with honored guests: the president of the Republic of Albania, H.E. Bujar Nishani and the ambassador of the Republic of South Sudan, H.E. Sitona Abdalla Osman. A short statement on the development of their respective countries formed the introduction for an open discussion with the audience.


Questions ranged from topics concerning leadership, definition of goals and achievement of targets to personal experiences and visions. President Nishani stressed the fact that a position of leadership is always a commission lent for a given time and therefore it should be handled with responsibility. He emphasized that changes in a society always come from the new generations who have to work hard for it. Goals and visions are things to fight for, and never to give up.


The event was part of the framework of the 4th study trip of Nehemiah Gateway University, with students of the international course „B.A. Economy & Businesses“, coming from South Sudan, Uganda and Albania. The encounters and open exchanges inspired and strengthened the students to follow their own dreams, goals and visions. For the other guests, too, this evening was a special occasion, not only to get first-hand information about Nehemiah Gateway’s project countries, but also to talk with our students and learn more about their life and studies in Albania. 


„Getting together“of various organizations, people and groups is one of the goals of the Nehemiah Gateway office in Berlin. We see ourselves as a kind of service provider for other organizations, providing them with a platform in the German capital. Contacts to politics, culture and society shall be established and we also want to check possibilities of receiving funding from different organizations for Nehemiah Gateway projects.



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