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06/17/2015 | Pogradec, Albania
School for Life

Helping others as a part of the curriculum at Nehemiah schools. For many years now Amaro Tan School is leading the way. All the pupils come from families in need and are quite familiar with hardship and misery. It is good for them to realize that there are people whose situation is even worse, and that even as a child you can find ways to bring help and relief. The pupils visit elderly people regularly who have no family of their own. They clean, do the washing, paint the walls or collect garbage. They also love to take care of the clients of Nehemiah Gateway’s soup kitchen and try to bring a little light into their dreary lives. The children agree: "these activities help us to prepare for life, we  learn a lot – and most of the time it is even great fun!"


For every pupil attending the Nehemiah schools in Albania the personal social commitment is part of the education. Amaro Tan School in Pogradec and the Nehemiah School in Bucimas have been founded with the goal to give children an optimal start into life, to show ways out of poverty and to open future perspectives. For the children and young people it is very helpful to get a glimpse of the life of those who never got such a chance.


From primary school to high school: what started with small presents and postcards for families in need has grown into quite enthusiastic offers to help. The pupils accompany the Nehemiah Gateway social services, the medical work and the programs for children with special needs. They help practically and collect food and aid supplies from their families and friends, and distribute them to people in need.


All that helps them to look left and right, to learn valuable lessons for the future – a real school for life.

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