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01/23/2018 | Kalamata, Greece
A Roof Over the Head

Great news from the Friends of the Mani in Colmberg/Germany, whom N.G. is supporting: the multi-functional hall for the volunteer fire brigade in Greece is finished! In the Greek town of Agios Nikolaos more than 100 volunteers have taken on the task of fire-department, emergency service, mountain rescue and welfare center, as there is no help coming from the authorities. The local charity “Gaia” urgently needed a shelter for their valuable machinery and vehicles during the often stormy winters and sweltering hot summers. Friends and donors in the German town of Colmberg came to the rescue by raising funds and preparing and transporting a big, prefabricated hall to Greece. While the men, together with local volunteers, worked on the construction site, the women distributed relief aid gathered during a food drive in Colmberg. An unexpected requirement by the structural engineer was the massive, earthquake-proof base plate, which led to a considerable increase in costs – 12.000 $ more than originally planned! We are still looking for financial support!

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