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08/05/2015 | Kemondo
An orphans’ village going online

Internet access is still extremely rare in Tanzania’s back country. That’s true also for rural Kemondo on lake Victoria, where an orphan’s village of our German partners, the „Nehemia Christliches Hilfswerk e.V.“ is located. It is an exemplary project where AIDS orphans not only get a roof over their heads and daily food. Good education offers them future perspectives and hope in life. For modern education, however, internet access is mandatory. 


This was Nehemiah Gateway’s chance to help. In a specially erected building, a computer studio with 24 laptops was installed. The work and installation was fraught with challenges, from digging trenches for the cables, the installation and configuration of access points to connecting the fiber optic cable. But now it is up and running!


The computers have been used more than 2.000 hours, not only for the children’s lessons but the teachers received training, too! Meanwhile the transfer rate has been improved, so that streaming and video-telephony are possible.


This brings our next goal within reach: a public internet café. The laptops are available, and only a few more things have to be prepared until, soon, the opening ceremonies will take place


The high-speed connection opens up even more possibilities, especially for the teachers. Being connected directly to Nehemiah Gateway University in Albania, they will be able to take part in high-quality education programs – right from Kemondo.


Additionally, the study lab will open its doors also for teachers from public schools. They will be able to learn to work with computers and become connected with the modern world through access to the World Wide Web. 



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