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09/18/2015 | Bucimas Albanien
Summer, sun and vacation

Three months of summer break! Since middle of June school was out in the Nehemiah Gateway schools but not all was quiet at the compound in Bucimas. It was summer camp time! Be it the Royal Rangers exploring nature or pupils enjoying exciting activities and programs during the school’s summer day camp, they all had fun. 


For the pupils of Amaro Tan School summer camps are always immensely important. Many of the children live under terrible conditions. They need protection, care as well as food during the long summer break. The day camps help them to keep a structured daily routine. Co-workers and teachers of Amaro Tan really deserve our special thanks for their extra effort!


Youth groups from Tirana and other towns use to come to Bucimas, too, and make use of the beautiful facilities on Nehemiah Gateway’s compound. As every year, many international guests were also part of the camps. Classrooms were used as dormitories, the canteen kitchen served tasty food and the chapel’s big hall is ideal for meetings. Only the beds need getting used to….. metal bunk beds, folding camp beds and scratchy woolen blankets are relicts from the big refugee crisis in 1999. Good, that it obviously did not dampen the young people’s high spirits. Those who needed more comfort, took a room at the beautiful and very comfortable guest house on site. 


Our guests were happy about a definite improvement this year: No more dust! Bumpy gravel roads gave way to a neat traffic training area, which can be used by the camps, too. Beautiful squares and thatched pavilions invite you to linger, talk and play games.


A perfect solution by which all the spacious buildings can be used the whole year round and serve a good a purpose even during the summer break. That’s the way it should be!



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