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10/18/2016 | Yei, South Sudan
Out of Harm’s Way

Finally, we got news from South Sudan: One of our Bachelor graduates made it out of the city of Yei and the battle zones in and around town.


For many weeks we had not heard from him, the last signs of life were sent while in combat regions. We are relieved to hear that he managed to get to a safe border area. The overland route was too dangerous. Just a few days ago a coach was robbed there and 21 passengers killed. Flight tickets were almost impossible to come by, and the prices had risen so high, he could not afford it. Via one of his friends, Nehemiah Gateway managed to signal their willingness to help. Thus, he managed to purchase one single ticket to his destination, and found a temporary solution for his family. He writes: “Due to the high insecurity in Yei, I have booked them the fight tickets and they are now temporarily in another town. I am now looking for a house to rent and in a few days I will bring them here."


We are happy to have found a way to help him. He writes: „ I would like to convey my heartfelt appreciation for the financial support in getting the flight tickets. I was completely stuck and your help was a great surprise!"


The young man is waiting in the wings – he wants to apply what he has learned and start his own project. We can’t wait to hear about his plans and ideas. Whether aid projects or business start-up, Nehemiah Gateway offers coaching and support for the new start.



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