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06/17/2016 | Pogradec, Albania
Best Bachelor Thesis 2015

Greta Muco is the author of last year’s “Best Bachelor Thesis”. Chosen from seven different final papers, her thesis proved to come closest to the high standards of the University’s four evaluation criteria: accuracy of scientific method, theoretically well-founded framework, practical relevance and originality. The assessment was carried out by a commission of five experts from the fields of academics, business and research. As a token of recognition for her exemplary work she also received a new tablet computer.


Interested? Find the full thesis on “The role of vocational education in the development of Facility Management of Tirana Business Park” here.


This is definitely an encouraging result for Nehemiah Gateway, as Greta Muco has been part of our educational projects from kindergarten through to university. Her excellent graduation results prove that she received all the right support, from the very beginning, to shape her life in dignity and independence. We extend our congratulations and wish her all the best for her future career. 

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