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02/20/2017 | Buçimas, Albania
Nehemiah – the Musical

It’s a moving play: An Albanian grandmother tells her granddaughter a bedtime story: the exciting events when Nehemiah left his position at the king’s court in order to rebuild his home town Jerusalem. The Old Testament story becomes alive in many beautiful songs, dialogues and dances, presented by convincing young actors. Complete with scenes from the king’s court, with conspiracies and reconstruction work. In the end, the grandmother remembers that Albania was in a similar situation 25 years ago. The country was devastated, but with God’s help and committed people, not least by Nehemiah Gateway, the country has been restored.


The initiator of the one-hour musical is Anila Sinani, a co-worker at our Nehemia School in Albania. She did everything from scratch - script, lyrics in Albanian, choreography and scenery. For the young actors, all of them students at our Nehemia School in Albania, the preparations were a Herculean task! They also got great support by musician Eritan (Tani) Kamolli. More than three months of regular rehearsals, followed by eight performances in December for parents, fellow students, guests and many others. 


The audiences’ reaction was enthusiastic and many a spectator got impulses for his/her own life. Anila summarizes the message of this musical in one sentence: “To follow Nehemiah’s example, to help you neighbor and your community – and even if problems arise, never to give up!” 



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