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07/13/2015 | Kalamata Greece
Help for Hellas

The headlines are full of it: crisis in Greece! Many people are faced with financial ruin and everyday life is becoming a struggle . Hans Stamminger is a man of action, he and his friends from Colmberg/Germany are trying to help wherever they can. In June they organized a trip to Kalamata for friends and donors. They support our relief projects there and make sure, that donations arrive where they are most needed.


Point one of their strategy: help for helpers. A group of volunteers in the region grouped together and formed the association GAIA. Their primary goal: helping in case of accidents and fire. Starting as a kind of volunteer fire department it has grown into a very efficient rescue service also for mountain and sea rescue and an ambulance service. In addition, they distribute relief aid to the needy and to refugees. Everything is done on a volunteer basis, with great personal commitment. From the friends from Colmberg they receive aid supplies of various kinds, from diapers to clothes, wheelchairs, crutches and many other items. Currently they are raising funds for a big hall that will serve as a shelter for the fire engines and machinery, but also as a storage for aid supplies. This will make the work of these committed volunteers a lot easier. The ground-breaking ceremony already took place!


The next aid project is an outpatient clinic where the poorest of the poor are cared for. The group from Colmberg has been donating medication and dressing material regularly for several years. Aid supplies  are desperately needed as meanwhile more than half of Greece’s population are not insured any more, and are too poor to pay for treatment or drugs out of their own pocket.


And last but not least: purchase of fruit and vegetables on the local market in Kalamata in order to support poor farmers in the region. Naturally, the food will then be distributed to the needy by our invaluable local partners, the monks of the orthodox monastery Metamorphosis.



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