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03/17/2017 | Colmberg, Germany
Food Drive for Greece

Last year’s disastrous harvest worsened the already tense situation in Greece. Cold and rainy weather destroyed a large part of the harvest. Our partners from the local charity GAIA report that their food reserves have long been used up, as they distributed to people who do not have enough to eat on a daily basis.


Our partners “Friends of the Mani” organized a food drive last Saturday in Colmberg/Germany. One box after the other arrived at Hans Stamminger’s garage while he answered many questions about the project and the actual situation in Greece. 


„Where shall we put this box?“ „Do we have any more cardboard boxes?“ „Who can go and fetch some more pallets?“  The volunteers had not expected such a flood of staples and aid. Gertraud G. is excited: “That’s more than ever before, absolutely awesome!” Every volunteer is impressed, also Vera M. Like many others she always tries to help at collection campaigns. She’s impressed by the overwhelming helpfulness of people here in Middle-Franconia. In addition to staple food to the value of at least five-digits, they also received monetary contributions which will help to finance transport of 16 palettes of staples and other aid items, and will enable us to buy further staples on site in Greece. The twelve volunteers agree: it was a very successful food drive! 


Many thanks to all our supporters, donors and helpers!


For last-minute donors - here our bank details:
Nehemiah Gateway gGmbH - IBAN: DE66 7605 0101 0011 0409 38 - BIC: SSKNDE77 - Project 2649


For online donations in the U.S. please visit »



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