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10/14/2015 | Bucimas, Albania
Studies according to German standards

Nehemiah Gateway University is located in Albania, but soon all the degrees will be accredited in Germany – also the Master of Science in Leadership and Assessment in Education. In September 2015 a group of six examiners of the renowned German accreditation agency FIBAA visited the Nehemiah Gateway University in Bucimas/Albania. They examined everything carefully, whether curriculum, lecturers or administration. With positive results! Several points need improvement, but that’s standard procedure and nothing to worry about. FIBAA’s improvement suggestions are constructive and very helpful, and will be implemented during the coming months. It helps us to improve!


The Bachelor program "Economy & Businesses" cleared this hurdle already and is accredited in Albania as well as in Germany. And even in the U.S. Nehemiah Gateway degrees are recognized! Institutional accreditation with the U.S. accreditation agency TRACS is in progress and will hopefully be finished in spring 2016. As we have been granted candidate status, degrees are already recognized now!


All these processes mean a lot of administrative work, but it’s worth the effort! The  accreditation of their degrees opens doors for graduates to leadership positions and helps them to work confidently in a globalized world, be that in Europe, Africa, Latin America or anywhere else.




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