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NEHEMIAH GATEWAY is a non-profit organization with co-workers from different countries who– inspired by their Christian faith – feel motivated and encouraged to positively and sustainably improve the situation and living conditions of needy people. This assistance is offered regardless of their ethical background, worldview or religion.


Here, the main focus is on “helping others to help themselves“ in order to encourage and strengthen people’s dignity and independence.


With a special emphasis on education, additional resources and opportunities are to be created resulting in even greater local sustainable development.


Founded in November 2010, NEHEMIAH GATEWAY has its headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany, from where all international activities and projects are coordinated.


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Nehemiah Gateway Albania is the main carrier of N.G. University in Albania. Since 1991, the organization has been actively involved in sustainably contributing to the development of Albania. Following the slogan “serving with hand, heart and mind”, Nehemiah Gateway works in the areas of education, social and medical help as well as spiritual ministries.


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The NEHEMIA Förderverein (Friends of NEHEMIA Association) was founded to partner with making the vision and the mission of the NEHEMIA Foundation a reality. It focuses primarily on the education branch.


Located in Germany, the association helps with public relations, fundraising activities, networking, support for students, initiating school partnerships, etc.


Further information, the statutes and membership forms are available from:
Barbara von Schnurbein M.A.
Finkenried 4
94209 Regen
Phone +49-9921-2728

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