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Academic Staff

Dr. iur. Elis Tarelli LL.M. (Newcastle)
Rector/Head of University

Dr. Roy Atwood, Distinguished Professor
Dean/Head of Faculty of Business and Education

Albana Demiraj, M.A.
Head of Department of Education and Ethics

Engjëllushe Icka, MBA
Head of Department of Business and Economy

Dr. phil. Irmela Tarelli
Head of Research Center

Prof. Dr. Bardhyl Musai
Program Development & Academic Innovation

Peter C. Makiriyado, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Lectureship in Accountancy and Economics

Renato Preza, M.Sc.
Lecturer, Practical Training and Internship Coordinator

Dorian Leka, Dr. (cand)
Lectureship in Law, International Relations and Diplomacy, Leadership




Administrative Staff

Herolinda Shkullaku, M.Sc.
Administrator/Executive Director

Renato Preza, M.Sc.
Head of Human Resources & Complaints Resolution

Flamur Elmasllari, M.Sc. 
Chief Financial Officer 

Manjola Kamolli, M.Sc.
Jurist, Head of Legal Issues

Samuel Geiger
Head of IT Services and Marketing

Lirika Prifti, M.Sc.
Head of Facility Management
Guest Relation Manager

Elona Muço, B.A.
Secretarial Services
Student Services & Alumni

Arber Hoxhallari, B.A.
Study Lab & Unisports

Anila Sinani, M.Sc.

Aida Angjo, M.Sc.
Language Center (MLL)

Greta Muço, B.A. 
Officer for Communication and Implementation

Dorian Leka, Dr. (cand)
Recruitment & Enrolment Management



Other Units

Beverlee Atwood, B.A.
Head of Examination Office

Iva Hoxhallari, B.A.
Secretary to the Rectorate
Examination Officer

Albana Demiraj, M.A.
Quality Assurance & Accreditation



Academic Collegial Bodies



Rector – Dr. iur. Elis Tarelli, LL.M. (Newcastle)
Head of Faculty – Dr. Roy A. Atwood, Distinguished Professor
Administrator – Herolinda Shkullaku, M.Sc.


Faculty Meeting:

Head of Faculty – Dr. Roy A. Atwood, Distinguished Professor
Head of Department of Education and Ethics – Albana Demiraj, M.A.
Head of Department of Business and Economy – Engjellushe Icka, MBA
Head of Research Centre – Dr. phil. Irmela Tarelli



Ethical Board/Advisory Board:

Uni. Prof. Dr. Dr. hc Ulli Arnold
Bernd Borchardt
Jürgen Feldmeier, Attorney at Law
Roman Fertinger
Barbara von Schnurbein, M.A.
Dr. Andreas Metzger
Anke Neuzerling, M.A.
Johannes Selle, MP
Prof. Dr. Harald Seubert
Prof. Dr. Manfred Spreng
Prof. Dr. Goran Rafajlovski


Permanent Commissions/Committees:

Admission Committee
Curriculum Committee
Disciplinary Committee



Administrative Collegial Bodies


Administrative Board / Supervisory Board:

Arnold Geiger
Helmut Hauser
Prof. Dr. Goran Rafajlovski
Arlinda Merdani, M.A.
Eliverta Muço, M.A.




Name Areas of Research
Dr. iur. Elis Tarelli, LL.M. Company, Labour, Tax and Contract Law
Dr. Roy Atwood, Distinguished Professor Information Technology, Mathematics, Statistics
Prof. Dr. Goran Rafajlovksi Education and Learning
Prof. Dr. Bardhyl Musai Psychology, Educational Psychology, Management of Educational Change
Dr. phil. Irmela Tarelli Research Methods, Children Literacy and Pedagogy
Peter Makiriyado, Ph.D., MBA Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Economics
Albana Demiraj, M.A. Academic Writing, Research Methods
Engjëllushe Icka, MBA Business Administration, Material Management
Dorian Leka, Dr. (cand) Law, International Relations and Diplomacy, Leadership
Renato Preza, M.Sc. Internship and Practical Training

Visiting Faculty/Instructors

The following list of part-time and guest lecturer staff is subject to change during the academic year, as sometimes guest lecturers have a short time of announcements with other obligations:
Lecturer Name Areas of Research
Dr. Alma Vögeli Psychology, Personality Development
Arlinda Merdani, M.A. Academic Writing, International Development
Barbara Freifrau von Schnurbein, M.A. Education and Learning
Dr. Besnik Fetaj Economics
Chris Hale, Ph.D. jur. Phi Delta Phi Contract Law
David Fagan, M.Sc. and MBA Sales Management
Donika Nasto, M.A. Intercultural Communication & Conflict Resolution
Prof. Ass. Dr. Ema Kristo Research Methods, Critical Thinking
Eliverta Muço, M.A. Entrepreneurship, Financial Controlling
Dr. Farooq Ahmed Chudry Marketing
Dr. George Sturm Statistics and probability Biostatistics and mathematics Research Methods Computer technology Research in electronics manufacturing Quality Control
Dr. Heather Skinner Marketing, Strategic Management III
Dr. Jeffery Adams Material and Production Management
Dr. Kazuma Matoba Intercultural Communication
Kit Batten, TEFL Business English
Marcelle Bugri, M.A. Strategic Management
Prof. Ass. Dr. Marjana Sinani Educational Administration, Curriculum Development
Mary Moyles-Johnson, PGC, TEFL, LCCC Business English
Matthias Malessa, Dipl.-Volkswirt Human Resources,
Ass. Prof. Melissa St. James, Ph.D. Marketing, Advertising, Tourism
Melvin Charles Williams, M.Sc. Industrial Accounting
Dr. Michael Savvas Human Resources Management
Paul Donders, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Architektur Leadership
Ass. Prof. Dr. Thomas Norman Human Resources
Dr. Thomas Queisser Marketing, Business Administration
Prof. Dr. Werner Esser Pedagogy, School Development, Organizational Development and Processes, Support of highly talented pupils
Dr. Wolfgang Frisch Economics
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ulli Arnold Business Administration, Production Management, Management and Marketing of Non-Profit Organizations, International Marketing
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