Economy & Businesses

Thank you for your interest in the B.A. “Economy & Businesses” program at N.G. University! 

This innovative and practice-integrated program, which was accredited in 2012 by FIBAA* (Frankfurt, Germany), offers you a unique approach to equip you for your future.


Career possibilities:

Administrative executive
Human resource manager
Starting your own business


Ready to embark on this journey? Then have a look at the following steps in order to successfully enroll at N.G. University.

*FIBAA: Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation –


I. Check DUAL System


The DUAL System follows the Dual University of Baden-Württemberg in Germany, which is a leader in “Bachelor of Arts” in Management of small and medium sized enterprises.


In cooperation with a Professional Partner, you will get trained academically as well as practically, so you are both “student” and “employee”. 


The three academic years are divided into 3-month terms, which alternate between theory and practice. Theory modules usually take place on our campus in Bucimas, Albania.

II. Check Program Details

First year – Main functions of business

Theory 1

    • Business English
    • Introduction to business & administration
    • Materials management 1
    • Basics of information technology
    • Scientific work


    Internship 1

    • Materials management

    Theory 2

      • Marketing 1 and sales
      • Material management 2
      • Contact law
      • Mathematics & statistics
      • Intercultural communication, presentation & project management


      Internship 2

      • Marketing


      Second year – Further business functions

      Theory 3

        • Industrial accounting
        • Microeconomics 
        • Cost and budgeting
        • Company and labor law
        • Strategic management 1


        Internship 3

        • Accounting






        Theory 4

          • Human resource and organization management 
          • Macroeconomics
          • Financial accounting
          • Marketing 2 & sales
          • Strategic management 2


          Internship 4

          • Human resources management





          Third year – Management, leadership, entrepreneurship

          Theory 5

            • Marketing 3
            • Management accounting
            • Entrepreneurship 1
            • Economy policy


            Internship 5

            • Specialization



            Theory 6

              • Leadership 
              • Corporate finance
              • Entrepreneurship 2
              • Strategic management 3


              Internship 6

              • Specialization and thesis



              For a more detailed description of the individual modules, please download the Module Catalog »

              III. Check Entry Requirements

              A.    The minimum admission requirements

              1.     State Matura Average Grade: at least 7

              2.     Possess English language skills, at B2 level, confirmed through an English Proficiency test from the University

              3.     Mathematics skills from the compulsory state Matura Exam must be at least 8, confirmed through the admission test from the University

              4.     A copy of the agreement with the professional business partner where the applicant will do his/her practical training. (The Bachelor (first cycle) program for “Economy and Businesses” is a dual study program where theory and practical are combined 50/50. For more information you can visit the website of N.G. University. (


              Once the above 4 requirements are met, the following is required:


              B.    Application documents

              1.     Online application form

              2.     A letter of motivation explaining why the applicant wishes to study at N.G. University and in the specific course

              3.      The original Albania A-Level graduation diploma and with transcript of grades along with notarized photocopies with the original, confirmed by respective local educational department.  

              4.     A copy of the prospective student’s identity card or passport

              5.     The Addendum no.1 based on the Order no.13 date 22.07.2016, completed and signed

              6.     Two personal photos  

              7.     For applicants who have a High School Diploma from an institution outside of Albania, the applicant must request confirmation of degree equivalent from the Ministry of Education and Sport.

              8.     Curriculum Vitae

              9.     Two letters of recommendation concerning the personal character and academic potential of the prospective student. The letters need to be written by pedagogic or academic personnel of the school last attended and/or by the last employer.

              10.   A signed written statement where the applicant agrees to abide by the N.G. University standards concerning academic honesty and personal conduct (for detailed information on these standards see Student Handbook or University Catalog)

              11.    A statement from a recognized doctor that the applicant is not suffering from infectious (transmittable) diseases at the time of application

              12.   Proof of payment of the application fee (for Albanian students). For more information your can visit our website (


              The above application documents are required before continuing the admission process.


              C.    Admission Procedures

                    The applicant may enroll as a student at N.G. University only after s/he has successfully completed admission procedures as required by this university. Registering as an applicant to N.G. University through the University’s on-line portal, or selecting N.G. University through the online portal administrated by the Ministry of Education and Sport or other agencies responsible, does not mean automatic enrollment at N.G. University. The minimum requirements of admission must be met.  Meeting the minimum criteria of admission is not a guarantee for automatic enrollment to N.G. University. Specific procedures of enrollment to become a student at the N.G. University, is combined with the procedures followed by the Ministry of Education and Sport, as follows: 

              1.      Admission tests

              ·       Admission test includes test of knowledge for Math’s and English

              ·       Admission test has specific weight of 50%

              ·       Applicant must receive minimum 26% to 50% on the test in order to continue to the interview.  

              2.     Interview with applicant

              ·       Applicants who meet the above requirements are invited to an interview to evaluate the general knowledge of the applicant, his/her attitude and motivation for the challenge of N.G. University dual program, skills of expression and communication in English, agreement with the professional business partner where the applicant wishes to develop the practical training, and discuss the financial ability to complete the program.

              ·       During the interview, each topic that is addressed is evaluated by a commission of evaluators who assign a percentage grade for each topic. All applicants are then put in order of the total percentage in order to determine the top applicants.     

              ·       The interview has a specific weight of 50%.


              Prospective students may enroll in preparatory courses for English and Mathematics three months before the beginning of the academic year. Applicants who do not meet the minimum score for English and /or Math are required to attend the above preparatory courses if they want to enroll and continue studies at N.G. University. The cost of the preparatory courses is the responsibility of the applicant. 

              IV. Find Professional Partner

              Your Professional Partner plays a fundamental role in your studies at N.G. University. 


              What do I need to know about them?

              • They can be a national or international firm, NGO or public administration institution.
              • Current countries include Albania, Germany, Malta, Switzerland, Uganda, Burundi, South Sudan, Tanzania etc.
              • They have an official agreement with Nehemiah Gateway Group, which runs the Nehemiah Gateway University.


              Who are these Professional Partners?

              Please click here to see the current list of Professional Partners.


              How can I apply at a Professional Partner?

              All potential partners have an agreement with Nehemiah Gateway. Therefore, when looking for the right Professional Partner, you will be assisted by staff of Nehemiah Gateway. Please contact us »

              V. Personal Study/Work Budget

              Once you have found a Professional Partner, N.G. University will help you to plan your personal study/work budget, since costs vary in different countries. In general, your budget consists of three main pillars:


              1. Tuition fee budget @ N.G. University

              2. Cost of living budget @ Albania

              3. Work budget @ Professional Partner

              Nach Oben