Leadership & Assessment in Education

In April 2015, the new Master of Science program “Leadership & Assessment in Education” was started at N.G. University.


It focuses on further educating teachers and expanding their skills in different areas.


Every applicant for the Master’s degree program at N.G. University must have already completed a Bachelor’s degree (DNP) or its equivalent (e.g. from the previous Albanian educational system).



Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements 

1. English certificate according to the Law "On Higher Education and Scientific Research in Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of Albania" and the determination in the respective orders. 

2. Average grade according to the Decision of the Council of the Ministry.

3. Participate in the admission competition (interview)



The ranking of candidates is based on the formula: 100% interview.


Admission Procedures


A. Application documents:


1. The request to enroll addressed to N.G. University for the study program (Online application form and letter of motivation)

2. A notarized photocopy of the Bachelor (first cycle) degree completed in Republic of Albania.  

3. All the applicants who has a B.A. degree from an institution outside of Albania, the applicant must request confirmation of degree equivalent from the Ministry of Education and Sport. 

4. The notarized photocopy of the Albania A-Level graduation diploma along with transcript of grades.

5. A copy of the prospective student’s identity card or passport

6. Two personal photos  

7. Curriculum Vitae  

8. Two letters of recommendation concerning the personal character and academic potential of the prospective student. The letters need to be written by pedagogic or academic personnel of the school last attended and/or by the last employer

9. A signed written statement where the applicant agrees to abide by the N.G. University standards concerning academic honesty and personal conduct (for detailed information on these standards see Student Handbook or University Catalog)

10. A statement from a recognized doctor that you are not suffering from infectious (transmittable) diseases at the time of application

11. Proof of payment of the application fee (for Albanian students). For more information you can visit our website (


The above application documents are required to continue the admission process.


B. The procedure of admission to applicants for student developed as follows:


The applicant may enroll as a student at N.G. University only after s/he has successfully completed an admission procedure required by this university. The minimum requirements of admission must be met.  Meeting the minimum criteria of admission is not a guarantee for automatic enrollment to N.G. University. Specific procedures of enrollment to become a student at the N.G. University, is combined with the procedures followed by the Ministry of Education and Sport, as follow:

Applicants who meet the above requirements are invited to an interview to evaluate the general knowledge of the applicant, his/her attitude and motivation for the challenge of N.G. University dual program, skills of expression and communication in English, agreement with the professional business partner where the applicant wish to develop the practical training and discuss the financial ability to complete the program.

Interview has specific weight of 100%. The applicant has to receive 51% in order to continue or to be enrolled. 

During the interview, each topic that is addressed is evaluated by a commission of evaluators who assign a percentage grade for each topic. All applicants are then put in order of the total percentage to determine the top applicants.

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