HEI Nehemiah Gateway was founded in 2008 with the single purpose to advance our ambitious mission of: 


Helping and empowering people to sustainably shape and determine their lives in dignity and independence.


A mission which all members of the NG Team share.

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To achieve this mission, we strive to:

Educate and empower local and international learners through academic excellence, theory and practice, to discover, develop and realize their potential as individuals and responsible members of society, contributing to the sustainable economic growth.

Provide high-quality training that meets national and international academic standards as well as professional competency standards. Based on a broad range of transferable skills and knowledge, further enhanced through cooperation with partner firms and institutions.

Function in a learning environment with a global perspective where students develop their academic, research and social skills and apply critical thinking to broaden their worldview and life perspectives.

Equip learners at a level commensurate with their ability, to foster success in life, business, social sciences, education and entrepreneurial spirit, leading to sustainable business ideas.

Our Values



It is not our task to judge people or even condemn them. Only when we are willing to both give and receive forgiveness do we have a chance for a peaceful world.


We respect everyone, unrestricted and without regard to origin, age, gender, status, religion or opinion. For us, respect goes far beyond just acceptance and tolerance.


In our lives and actions, we strive to be authentic, trustworthy and committed.


We believe that with our actions and words, we are committed to the truth without any restrictions, and we strive to live and act according to these principles at all times.


To be charitable and merciful with other people and ourselves is clearly one of our key goals. Charity and sympathy can’t be earned, they can only be given, and therefore we give them whenever necessary and possible.


Through our words and actions, we hope to inspire people to look for a better world marked by hope, forgiveness and love, and in doing so encourage others to embody these values in their own lives.

Our Motto

Bonitas et Sollertia

The adjective “bonus”, above all, simply means “good”. “Boni” in the speeches and writings of the Roman Cicero were politically reliable citizens with characters who were aware of their responsibility towards the community. Bonitas means integrity and nobleness.

The German word “Bonität” in the financial world means creditworthiness. In other words, it describes the quality of a bank customer whose professional and financial circumstances are sound and viable and to whom money can be entrusted at no great risk.

Sollertia is ascribed on an inscription (where it is spelt with just one “l”) to the ruler Heinrich I who had a secondary school thoroughly renovated in the Thuringian town of Schleiz in 1735:


“Heinrich the First’s diligence restored this building. May idleness be suppressed and laziness brought down.”

Sollertia therefore stands, above all, for diligence as opposed to idleness and laziness, which are to be attributed to the causes of poverty. In the original meaning of the word, however, it also expresses skill and dexterity, as well as shrewdness. Skill, dexterity and shrewdness in a cultivated form are  characteristic of creative and enterprising personalities. These qualities enable people to overcome obstacles and create new things.