Master of Science in Leadership

Our Master of Science program focuses on further educating teachers and expanding their skills in different areas. The goal is to help them become well-rounded leaders and educators.


Our master's program provides prospective students with the possibility to choose between specializations in Education, Business, and International Development. The program covers a wide variety of areas from Strategic Leadership and Management to Human Resources, from Governance and Organizational Development to Change Management and Accounting. A practical internship in the second year of studies rounds up the learning experience and prepares future professionals for the professional challenges ahead.

Tuition Fees, Scholarships, and Refund Policy

Tuition Fees

Enrollment Fee 1.300 ALL (upon enrollment in the university)

Tuition Fee 90.000 ALL / Year (Albanian students)

Tuition Fee 3.600 Euro / Year (International students)

More information about tariffs and fees you can find (here)


In addition, qualified applicants of NG University have the possibility to apply for a full or partial scholarship or to participate in the Work & Study Program of the Nehemiah Gateway Albania Foundation. International applicants who also apply for a scholarship may receive only conditional admission to NG University. Please contact us for more information on scholarship or on the Work & Study Program.

Refund policy

Students who withdraw from their studies are eligible to receive a refund of tuition fees paid. The amount of refund will be based on the following schedule:

• Students withdrawing before the start of the academic year or during the first week of classes are eligible for a full (100 percent) refund of the tuition fees paid.

• Students withdrawing during the second week of classes are eligible for a 75 percent refund of the applicable tuition fees paid.

• Students withdrawing after the second week of classes are not eligible for a refund of tuition fees paid.

Please be aware that enrollment or other administrative fees cannot be refunded!