NG Team Organizations

The NG Team is a collaborative body of legally independent organizations. We exist and cooperate in order to improve the lives and communities of people in need by empowering them at every level of society.


Nehemiah Gateway Services (NGS)

Offices in Nuremberg and Berlin coordinate the manifold projects of the NG Team organizations worldwide, are points of contact for donors and supporters and make the work known to politicians, businesses, representatives of the project countries and multipliers and invites them to participate and emulate.

The former Nehemiah Gateway gGmbH was merged into NG Services gGmbH in 2019 in order to streamline and simplify day-to-day business.

The non-profit private limited company  invests income in the overall work of NG Team. This includes the management of own assets and the operation of  the training and business enterprises “Lindenhof Resort & Events GmbH” and “MoHab GmbH”. This enables us to make sure that 100% of every private donation will be used for the designated project, without any deduction for administrative expenses.

Managing Director: Arnold Geiger

Nehemiah Gateway Albania (NG AL) »

Nehemiah Gateway Albania (NG AL) describes the origin of our work. Its strategy and mission are based on experience in different aspects of work, both spiritual and practical, as well as the successful cooperation with other Christian and secular organizations.

Executive Director: Herolinda Shkullaku


Higher Education Institution Nehemiah Gateway (HEI Nehemiah Gateway) »

HEI Nehemiah Gateway is a unique institution of higher education with state-of-the-art programs, dynamic teaching methods, and a student-oriented philosophy of education.

Rector: Prof. Dr. Dr. hc.  Ulli Arnold
Administrator: Herolinda Shkullaku

Nehemiah Gateway US (NG USA) »

Nehemiah Gateway USA, Inc. is the contact point for our donors and supporters in North and Latin America. Our US office networks with project partners, coordinates volunteer efforts and travel logistics and provides
accountability for tax-exempt gifts.

President: Michelle Mann

Nehemiah Gateway Switzerland



Since March 2020 Nehemiah Gateway Switzerland has been taking care of our many donors and supporters in Switzerland. They network with partners and  provide accountability for tax-exempt donations.


President: Kai Uellendahl