Research Funds


HEI Nehemiah Gateway is committed to creating an academic environment that encourages research and contributes to both science and the business world. To carry out all its research work and activities for 2022, in its budget, HEI Nehemiah Gateway has provided 5% of the total budget of HEI for research center, while the budget for research constitutes 2.6% of the total budget of the HEI Nehemiah Gateway. The budget of the Research Center is drafted by the Head of the Research Center, proposed to the Academic Senate and approved by the Board of Administration.

The research budget for 2022 are foresees following approved amounts:

research and publications 335,500 ALL; seminars and trainings 146,400 ALL; qualifications and conferences 427,000 ALL and study trips 890,600 ALL.



The use of research funds depends on the status of the researcher, prioritizing the members of the Research Center, the Academic Staff and then the guests and collaborators. It is addressed with a request for a research fund to the Research Center and copied to the Rectorate, specifying:

  •  The subject and topic according to the Research Agenda, which corresponds to the field / topic of research;
  • The timing of research and the impact on achieving the objectives of the Strategic Development Plan of the HEI Nehemiah Gateway;
  • List of expenditures, specifying specific costs and their nature;
  • Risk calculation;
  • HEI Nehemiah Gateway Logo and Publishing Statement; archiving and registering in the HEI Nehemiah Gateway library fund; as well as, information and agreement with the principles and procedures adopted in the document Report on the use of funds in HEI Nehemiah Gateway;
  •  Judicial Status Self-Declaration Form; ( clear penal records certificate)
  •   If it is a research to be carried out in inter-institutional cooperation or in a team, an Agreement or Authorization is submitted betttween the collaborators, who delegate the responsibility of application, fund management and reporting to a single person;
  •  Completion and submission of the academic CV, according to the format of HEI Nehemiah Gateway.

The applicant is obliged to follow the implementation of the deadlines for completing and submitting the necessary documents, according to the deadlines set ‘ad hoc’ by the Scientific Research Center and according to the guidelines of the Department of Finance.



Funding of researchers, teams and in cases of cooperation is realized meeting the following criteria:

  •  The applicant must enjoy the status of Research Center member, academic staff, HEI Nehemiah Gateway student, collaborator (by a framework agreement or joint project with HEI Nehemiah Gateway) or 'Guest' (applicant by criteria special according to the call announced for special expertise by HEI Nehemiah Gateway);
  • The applicant should enjoy and complete with realistic and easily verifiable data, all categories of information required in the HEI Nehemiah Gateway Academic CV;

The request is denied to the applicant

  •  If the research topic / field is not in line with the Strategic Development Plan of the HEI Nehemiah Gateway Research Agenda;
  • If the research topic / field does not correspond to any of the topics made available by the Research Agenda;
  • If you apply the concealment of data and information relevant to the application:
  •  If for the same topic is a beneficiary of other funds (from public or private institutions) and has not declared in advance;
  •  If it does not apply in part or in whole, the principles specified in Article 3 of the  Regulation on the functioning of the basic units of scientific research and academic publications in HEI Nehemiah Gateway
  •  If it does not meet the reporting deadlines during the search phases;
  • If it withdraws from the request for the benefit of scientific research funds, by notifying in writing to the Scientific Research Center and the Rectorate, within 7 days from the submission of the request.


The greatest commitment is the pursuit of the professional connection of theory and practice, which is an important feature of HEI Nehemiah Gateway, as this is also reflected in the dual study / dual study program approach. Integrating research and teaching is seen as an essential key. Many of the guest international lecturers are involved in research and enrich their teaching at HEI Nehemiah Gateway with concrete examples and applications of concepts from their own experience. In addition to teaching with research information, the curriculum envisages the introduction of multiple methods and scientific approaches in the classroom, so that students have the opportunity to build and create knowledge, as a result of the methodology used. In the courses students are introduced to various scientific studies and learn to synthesize research findings and relate them to relevant theories.

Furthermore, it is an important commitment for HEI Nehemiah Gateway to continuously improve curricula and teaching forms and to update course materials so that the instructions in the auditorium reflect the current state of the research.


The curriculum has a clear orientation towards applied research. The following courses in B.A. and M.Sc. are explicitly designed to adopt and use the research methodology:

  •  Mathematics and Statistics
  •  Marketing III
  •  Institutional Performance Evaluation
  •  Research methods


In addition to helping to shape their scientific understanding, through the Research Center, HEI Nehemiah Gateway also aims to stimulate creative thinking and orient students towards curiosity. A gauge is to encourage students to pursue an empirical approach to their final thesis and to undertake self-research initiatives.

HEI Nehemiah Gateway organizes a study tour to Germany for the best students at the end of their study program. Under the leadership of the Dean of the Faculty and the Head of the Department, study tours provide students with a B.A. the opportunity to visit German companies, as well as public and political institutions. M.Sc. level students visit various institutions in Albania.