Bachelor of Arts in Economy and Businesses

For any business to be successful, the leadership must have a good understanding of fundamental business practices.

At HEI Nehemiah Gateway, we have a highly qualified, experienced faculty from around the world that is dedicated to providing this type of education. Through our methods of combining theory and practice, we aim to fully equip our students to be successful in both business and life. 


With the Bachelor of Arts in Economy and Businesses degree we impart you a thorough knowledge on the areas of Business and Management. During your studies you will learn about Management, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources and Marketing. Through the theoretical phases, paired with the practical phases - which are combined on a 50/50 percent ratio, you are prepared optimally for the work life or for pursuing your own business idea after your studies.

Theory and Practice

In cooperation with a Professional Partner, you will be trained academically as well as practically, so you are both “student” and “employee.” 

The three academic years are divided into 3-month terms, which alternate between theory and practice. Theory modules usually take place on our campus in Bucimas, Albania.

The program is composed of  theory - academic education - on the various areas of economy and business (140 ECTS), practical training (30 ECTS) and thesis (10 ECTS); in total 180 ECTS.  Each year  comprises 2 semesters (24 weeks each), with each semester including 12 weeks of academic studies and 12 weeks of practical training in a firm.

Tuition Fees, Scholarships, and Refund Policy

Tuition Fees

Enrollment Fee 1.300 ALL (upon enrollment in the university)

Tuition Fee 300 Euro / Month (12 months)

More information about tariffs and fees can be found (here)


In addition, qualified applicants of HEI Nehemiah Gateway have the possibility to apply for a full or partial scholarship. International applicants who also apply  for a scholarship may receive only conditional admission to HEI Nehemiah Gateway. Click here to apply for scholarships.

Refund policy

Students who withdraw from their studies are eligible to receive a refund of tuition fees paid. The amount of refund will be based on the following schedule:

• Students withdrawing before the start of the academic year or during the first week of classes are eligible for a full (100 percent) refund of the tuition fees paid.

• Students withdrawing during the second week of classes are eligible for a 75 percent refund of the applicable tuition fees paid.

• Students withdrawing after the second week of classes are not eligible for a refund of tuition fees paid.

Please be aware that enrollment or other administrative fees cannot be refunded!