Report on the use of funds in Nehemiah Gateway University

I.           Organizational Structure

Nehemiah Gateway University operates with secondary NIPT under the Nehemiah Gateway Albania Foundation, registered as a non-profit organization NIPT number J64103684E. All financial filings and declarations are made under the Nehemiah Gateway Albania Foundation. The governing bodies of the Foundation are the Supervisory Board and the Executive Directory. The Nehemiah Gateway Albania Foundation is headed by an Executive Director and two Deputy Directors. Nehemiah Gateway University is governed by the Academic Senate, Rector, Administrative Board and Administrator under the Higher Education Law.

II.          Good use of resources

Nehemiah Gateway University is supported from donors who trust us by donating, investing their energy and knowledge. They share the same passion with us to help people and give them a better future. This trust motivates us as a Foundation to handle finances professionally, to work efficiently and diligently while respecting legal rules and boundaries.  For this reason Nehemiah Gateway University and the Foundation of which university is a part have built an internal manual, summarizing the best standards in the field, guidelines, rules, policies, procedures, etc. that all projects respect and use them responsibly. In this way the Nehemiah Gateway University ensures that every source of income is properly managed and goes to the projects which has been donated for. For us transparency and communication with donors is very important.

The staff is committed to handling responsibly the tools and funds of the organization. Budget planning goes through several stages of decision making and is approved by the Supervisory Board. For the preparation until the approval of the budget, the regulations and procedures defined in the manual are followed. Each project manager is responsible for managing and controlling the budget and monthly comparison with the current one. For each project the payments are made by CFO authorized  for banking matters and are subject to regular control.  

All funding provided by donors or services has met the goals of Nehemiah Gateway University by providing quality studies to students and offering a variety of courses and trainings.

Furthermore, the financial statements of Nehemiah Gateway Albania, in addition to the external audit required by law, are audited annually by an internal audit team, with accounting experts from the US and Germany to ensure compliance and follow-up procedures as well as have a more transparent presentation of financial resources.

III.        Mid-Term Budget Plan

For a more efficient and transparent forecasting and management of funds, Nehemiah Gateway University drafts a medium-term budget plan each year.

 The mid-term budget plan covers the years 2019 - 2021 and is approved by the Academic Senate and Nehemiah Gateway University Administration Board. This budget plan provides for a stable maintenance of the overall university budget, increasing student fee revenue and optimizing costs.

This budget plan is part of the updated Nehemiah Gateway University Strategic Plan, which is expected to be adopted in November 2020. The current Strategic Plan builds on 6 main pillars, which are:

  1.  Stabilizing the study programs offered, enhancing the quality of the curriculum and teaching;
  2.  Stabilization of vocational training programs and further qualifications;
  3.  Increasing the number of students enrolled in our academic programs;
  4.  Financial sustainability of the University, through increased revenue and expenditure optimization, to increase the effectiveness of funds spent;
  5.  Strengthening scientific research through local, regional and regional research projects that are oriented towards community needs;
  6.  Further ensuring the internal quality and accreditation of academic and institutional programs.


IV. Achievements in finding funding sources and ways of using funds

Nehemiah Gateway University as part of Nehemiah Gateway Albania Foundation is mainly supported by donations. Nehemiah Gateway Albania is part of the Nehemiah Gateway Team (NG Team). Nehemiah Gateway Team consists of: NGS gGmbH, NG US, NG CH, NG AL. NG Team has offices in Germany, Nuremberg and Berlin and the United States, Colorado. These offices coordinate the diversity of projects throughout the Nehemiah Gateway Team internationally and are also contact points for donors and supporters. Also, these offices create and maintain networks that support the work of the NG Team including people of politics, business, etc. in places where NG Team operates. NGS gGmbH is a non-profit limited liability company which has invested financially in the entire work of the NG Team. This includes asset management and the operation of training businesses such as Lindenhof Resort & Events GmbH and MoHab GmbH. Since the administrative expenses of Nehemiah Gateway Albania are all covered by NGS gGmbH, this enables all financial donations raised for our social and educational projects to be fully spent for the donated purpose, used directly in our projects without added administrative costs.


Donations are different such as:

  • Financial donations (for one time only as well as regular donations)
  • Donations of items/materials
  • Voluntary work by experts in various professional areas


Nehemiah Gateway University also has the opportunity to generate revenue from study tuition fee from students who can afford them. Students also have the opportunity for full or partial scholarships. For 2020 the nature of the financial resources achieved by the Nehemiah Gateway University is as follows: 


Diagram No. 1

The nature of financial resources

The largest financial source of the Nehemiah Gateway University for 2020 is from donations 88.80% (86.40%, regular donations, 1.50% one-time donations and 0.32% donated items, 0.58% internal transfers between projects for coverage of costs and services provided and these are also covered by regular donations). While revenues from services to third parties are 11.20% .

Whereas the nature of expenditures the value of which for 2020 was 51,899,526 ALL is distributed as in diagram No.2 as follows:


Diagram No. 2

Nature of expenditures


Higher percentage expenses are human resource costs, donated service expenses, and operating & overhead expenses. All donations or proceeds go to cover expenses for meeting the purpose and objectives of Nehemiah Gateway University.


Diagram No. 3

Nature of expenditures according to the basic and core units


In the diagram no. 3 reflect the division of expenditures by basic and main units. The largest percentage of expenditures is for the faculty with 50.19%, which is composed of three basic units such as:

  • 27.12% for the Department of Business
  • 4.68% for the Department of Education
  • 0.62% for the Scientific Research Center

and 17.77% of overhead total faculty expenses.

The rest of the expenditures were used for general expenditures for the Rectorate with 26.48% and the Administration with 23.32%.