The main goal of the Alumni is:

To create a platform for HEI Nehemiah Gateway Alumni where they can continue to grow academically, exchange experience and support the HEI Nehemiah Gateway





Some of our Alumni



Arba Xhelo

From: Pogradec, Albania

Graduated in 2012

Further education: Master of Science in Management with Specialization in Business at HEI Nehemiah Gateway

Currently: Quality Management Officer of HEI Nehemiah Gateway

"NGU is an institution where you will grow intellectually in the area of your studies and also empower your personality and integrity. My B.A. studies at NGU gave me a great experience of learning in class and in a work place during internships, whereas my M.Sc. studies helped me to go deeper in my previous knowledge toward Business and Leadership."

Mesina Vitollari

From Pogradec, Albania

Graduated in 2019

Currently: Project Coordinator - O.A.C.A. Foundation Tirana, Albania

"Nehemiah Gateway University has allowed me to gain an experience of both theoritical and practical knowledge, opening doors to opportunities of professional growth, treasured friendships and a network of experts in the business field. It was a university experience that has enabled and prepared me well for the adventures and challenges ahead in both a professional and personal level."

Enxhi Gjona

Graduated in 2017

Further education: Master in Innovation and Management in Tourism at FH Salzburg, Austria


Juliet Akwango

From: Republic of Uganda, East-Central Africa

Graduated in 2017

Further education: Postgraduate in Project Planning and Management at Uganda Management Institute

Currently: Programs Officer at Days for Girls International

"My time at NGU helped train me in leadership and assessment so that I can be better at my job now."

Hallelujah Kasimbazi

From: United Republic of Tanzania, East Africa

Graduated in 2017

Further education: Certified Professional Accountant 

Currently: Auditor - PwC Tanzania

"NGU helps people find their purpose and guides them to create a strategy towards it. It further builds interpersonal capacity to students, making them confident to speak out their ideas and opinions without fear, but in respect to other people’s view."