The Research Center contributes to the education of students through its mission of:


"Equipping and encouraging students to conduct research with confidence, purpose and curiosity at the highest professional level; additionally, conduction research and development through community needs assessment."


Equipping and Encouraging

The Research Center generally aims to provide high quality education with a focus on research. Through teaching and mentoring, students will develop a sense for the nature, the execution and the value of research. 


The Research Center aspires to give the students the confidence to conduct research as independently as possible. The Research Center aims to create an academic environment where students can make mistakes and learn from them, while seeking advice and further help at any time.


Research is more than an academic exercise. Revealing the needs of a community through research stimulates innovation in entrepreneurship and creates awareness for students' roles and privileges within their communities.


Part of the motivation to do research is curiosity, the researcher’s personal interest which goes beyond the practical benefits of a research project. The Research Center wants to foster the personal touch in students research projects and give room for creativity.

Highest Professional Level

The Research Center wants to train students to conduct research at the highest professional level. Students will know how to apply state-of-the-art research methods and how to present their findings while adhering to ethical guidelines of science.


Dr. Nikolai Bunzmann 

Head of Research Center