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We are accredited in three nations; Albania, Germany (EU), and the United States, resulting in our alumni being able to continue their studies in many other countries.

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International Faculty

Our faculty brings lots of experience to our classrooms. In addition to spending years studying and teaching in their fields, they are highly active in the business world and contribute practical knowledge as well.

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Theory and Practice

Integrating theoretical, classroom teachings with practical training, students learn while also gaining valuable hands-on work experience.

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Modern classrooms, comfortable dormitories, multilingual library, communal cafeteria, spacious sport fields, and more!

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Student Service Center

Providing a welcoming environment for potential and current students: Counseling services, computer services, housing services, food services, and student life, and more!

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Some of our Alumni

Juliet Akwango

Graduatet NG University in 2017

Currently: Programs Officer at Days for Girls International, Kampala, Uganda 

Mesina Vitollari

Graduated NG University in 2019

Currently: Project Coordinator - O.A.C.A. Foundation Tirana, Albania

Enxhi Gjona

Graduated NG University in 2017

Further education: Master in Innovation and Management in Tourism at FH Salzburg, Austria

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